Fiona Rojas Abbott is a character on the CW TV dramedy, Life Sentence. She is the daughter of Diego Rojas and Elizabeth Abbott Rojas. She has a twin brother, Frank.

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In "Pilot", Fiona and her brother, Frank, are staying with their aunt and uncle after Stella offers to babysit. Her brother plays with Wes, while Fiona plays dress up with Stella. While playing with Stella's ring, Fiona swallows it. She ends up visiting Dr. Chang for her stomach incident.

In "Clinical Trial and Error", Wes offers to babysit Fiona and Frank for Diego. Fiona, however, becomes ill and Wes calls Ida for help. Ida overreacts and nearly takes Fiona to the hospital. She manages to calm down, however, after realizing that Fiona isn't Stella.

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light brown hair, brown eyes,

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  • Ate Stella's ring

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